What Is Better Than Perfumes? Body Oils!

Perfumes smell great! 

But……10-20% of the perfume oils are mixed with alcohol. Alcohol helps bind the oils and the aroma together.

A better and natural alternative is body oils.


Multi Use Body Oils

Body oils are likely to be less irritating on the skin because oils are moisturizing and can be suitable for any skin type. Our body oils can be used from head to toe making your scent last longer throughout the day. You can even use a few drops on your hair.

Our luxury body oils are enriched with a unique blend of luxurious skin loving oils such as:

  • Cucumber Seed - high in Vitamins B, C, and E.
  • Moringa - high levels of antioxidants acting as natural preservatives.
  • Jojoba - mimics our natural skin oils.
You can also used this body oil as an added benefit to your bathwater. 
Scent, moisturize, and illuminate you skin without the harsh irritations of alcohol. Your skin will thank you.

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