Pucker Up, Buttercup!

Do you know the skin on your lips is the thinnest in comparison to the rest of your body? 

And you want to know something else? They don't contain oil glands. This is why your lips dry out easily.

Dry lips can be caused by a plethora of things including but not limited to sunburn, change in weather, dry climate, and even some long-wearing lipsticks.

Our Sugar Lip Scrub is the perfect solution to combat the lip blues. A gentle scrub perfect for exfoliating dead skin and leaving smooth, soft, and intensely moisturized lips. Add this to your weekly regimen.

lip scrubs

For a daily lip moisturizer that is perfect on-the-go, try our Lip Balm+ !

It is not your basic lip balm! Our lip butters are luxurious little healing moisturizers that nourish and protect your lips. Made with all natural ingredients to keep lips intensely hydrated, smooth, and soft.


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