• Glow and Sexy!

    March 23 2022 – Admin User

    Glow and Sexy!

    Body glitter had a glow up and rose to become body shimmer - a new and sophisticated sexy sheen to nestle your skin in.

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  • Bar Soap vs. Liquid Soap

    March 21 2022 – Admin User

    Bar Soap vs. Liquid Soap

    Why the debate when both work great?! Soap is not just cleansing but equally important is the benefit of protecting your skin which is your largest organ. Bar soaps in the past have been made with harsh chemicals and parabens but our soaps are made with oils and butters that are gentler on your skin as well as moisturizing and...

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  • Why Should You Use A Toner?

    September 22 2021 – Jennifer Peets

    Why Should You Use A Toner?

    A toning workout that requires very little effort.

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