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Bar Soap vs. Liquid Soap

March 21 2022 – Admin User

Bar Soap vs. Liquid Soap
Bar Soap vs. Liquid Soap

Why the debate when both work great?!

Soap is not just cleansing but equally important is the benefit of protecting your skin which is your largest organ. Bar soaps in the past have been made with harsh chemicals and parabens but our soaps are made with oils and butters that are gentler on your skin as well as moisturizing and nourishing. 

Believe it or not, both bar and liquid soaps are equally effective. There is no difference but personal choice. While I prefer shower gels for traveling or for house guests, a bar soap has the advantage of less energy when produced, less plastic, and less packaging.

Still not sure what to choose when purchasing a cleanser? You are in luck because I am here to help.


Triple Butter 

Unscented and uncolored our most moisturizing soap made with “the butters” (Cocoa, Shea, and Mango) as well as a high amount of nourishing olive oil. Perfect for all skin types and will leave your body feeling soft and moisturized. 


Oatmeal Honey

A wonderfully moisturizing and nourishing soap made with ground oatmeal and honey. Unscented and uncolored, the natural aromas of honey and oatmeal come through on this lovely bar. 


African Black Soap

African Black Soap

Our African Black soap is a traditionally manufactured Fair Trade item and imported from Ghana, West Africa. This particular type of black soap is lighter in color and soft to the touch. A plantain skin base carefully mixed with palm oil, palm kernel oil, and generous amounts of ivory shea butter helping aid in fighting acne blemishes, thanks to its natural clarifying properties. It is unscented, uncolored, and unrefined.


Salt Soap Bars

Tangerine Eucalyptus Salt Soap Bar

Our collection of salt soaps are made using a variety of mineral rich salts and a selection of earth sourced additives and colorants. These unique soaps bars make for a true in-home spa experience. The salt is also a natural exfoliating property that gives your skin an "after the beach" glow.
A surfactant-free, vegetable oil based liquid soap with added fragrance. Use as an all-over body wash.



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