Why Should You Use A Toner?

September 22 2021 – Jennifer Peets

Why Should You Use A Toner?

Why Should You Use A Toner?

Some say a facial cleanser is enough to remove dirt and impurities and for some of us this is true. But if you feel you need a little extra oomph - apply a toner.

Toners are great and we love them here at Naked Bar Soap Co.  Toners simultaneously remove residue, hydrates, and preps the skin to receive the all of the maximum nutrients. 

Using a gentle toner/hydrosol everyday is only going to help your skin get firmer, brighter, and glowing.

We love to use a cotton pad when applying a toner and moving the pad in the following order:

  • across the forehead
  • down the nose
  • cheeks
  • chin
  • neck 
  • décolletage 

You can also mist the toner onto your face and follow with a cotton pad using the above directions.

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