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Natasha Byrd-Gaylon and Jennifer Peets are the founders and owners of Naked Bar Soap Co. Natasha is a seasoned artisan soap maker with over 13 years of experience crafting luxurious, all-natural soaps. With a deep passion for sustainable living and a keen eye for quality, Natasha has perfected the art of soap making, blending traditional techniques with innovative ingredients to create unique, skin-loving products. Natasha and Jennifer's combined expertise in the bath and beauty industry extends to formulating custom blends, incorporating essential oils, botanicals, and natural ingredients to cater to various skin types and preferences.

Through dedication and a commitment to excellence, Naked Bar Soap Co has established a reputable brand known for its handcrafted soaps that are not only beautiful but also nourishing and environmentally friendly. Whether educating others in workshops or continuously experimenting with new recipes, Naked Bar Soap Co’s dedication to the craft shines through in every bar of soap and bath and body product they create.

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