Buzz Off!

Buzz Off Spray
Fun fact: Orange County in Florida was originally called Mosquito County. 
We are still in our Hot As Hell season (June - October) in the Sunshine State and looking forward to cooler temperatures in January where we welcome the brisk 60 degree weather. Meanwhile the mosquitos are buzzing, the bees are stinging, and the DEET may or may not be good for you. 
Although there have been inconclusive studies showing the pros and cons of DEET (a powerful effective way to keep bugs away but the active ingredient is questionable) - let's err on the side of caution by introducing you to a natural alternative for your remaining summer camping trips, outdoor picnics, and family gatherings. 
Buzz Off is made of natural essential oils which help keep bugs away. Our non-greasy formula is safe and effective. Bugs are repelled the essential oil scent and it is always DEET free!
  • Rose Geranium - known to repel mosquitos and ticks.
  • Citronella - a proven, natural plant-based insect repellant to protect against mosquito bites.
  • Tea Tree - essential in preventing bug bites as well as treating them. 

SKIN TIP: You can create a more powerful effect against the fight with bugs by combining Buzz Off with our Anti-Itch Bug Bite Balm. This balm was created with a blend of 5 essential oils which help heal and soothe irritated skin and coupled with the key ingredients of Tamanu Oil and Madder Root Powder (both known for its anti-inflammatory properties). 

DOUBTFUL ABOUT THE POWER OF NATURE? Read the latest review from one of our community members:
"I am so excited to say that the Deet Free Buzz Off insect spray is fabulous! I am in Northern Wisconsin, where the mosquitos are plenty. It smells great and seems to help greatly when walking outside or in the woods! - Deb (Google Review)

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